Thursday, February 05, 2009


I probably should have come in here on Tuesday evening & updated you all on the status of Erin's case, but I got to doing something else & just didn't think about it. The judge restarted his probation from his first case (which was a vandalism charge from almost 2 years ago) & added some more to his fine on that. Erin plead guilty to the underage consumption charge & was fined & ordered to complete a home study on substance abuse (which will cost him $85 when he sends it back in) & plead not guilty to the paraphernalia charge, so he meets with his attorney & goes back to court in April. There are no longer any warrants out for his arrest, so at least he can walk around town without being afraid now.

The judge did ask him if he thought his parents would help him pay his fines & he looked at her & said, "I don't know. I haven't asked them." because he, like us, believes that this is his responsibility, not ours. So at any rate, we're done with the bulk of his court dealings & we'll hopefully be totally done in April. I really hope he gets a grip on his life & doesn't get into any more trouble.

I'm going to go & pick Rhi up in a few minutes to take her to a job interview. I really hope she gets this one, she really needs something so she can help out the family she's living with & start trying to save up to get a place of her own. I'm not sure how she'll furnish an apartment, at this point, I think all she owns is a dresser & some office furniture, since she pretty much gave her bed to Erin & threw her other old stuff out when she moved the first time. Maybe between her & her boyfriend, they'll find her enough stuff to get by with for awhile.

I'm not feeling well today. After dinner last night, and I mean right after I finished eating, I got insanely dizzy & stayed that way most of the night - at least while I was awake. I got up this morning my whole body ached & I just didn't feel well. I'm supposed to take Dawn grocery shopping today, but I don't think I can make it. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow & we can doit then. As it is right now, when I'm done with Rhi, I'm going back to bed.

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