Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Possibly on the Mend

I'm really proud of myself today. I got up shortly after Troy left (before 8am) for work, sorted my laundry, got a load started & came out here in the living room. I planned out what I wanted to do for dinner & when I needed to get it put into the crock pot so it'd be done when Troy got home. Half the time anymore, I let it go until it's almost time to eat & then I'm sitting here trying to figure it out, or someone else ends up cooking something.

I got my first load of laundry moved to the dryer & started the other one (Troy does his own). I managed to get some other things done that needed finishing & at noon, I started the pork loin & veggies in the crock pot and switched my laundry one last time. I think this is the most I've managed to get done in awhile, at least all on my own.

I'm really, really hoping that I'm getting over being sick, finally. It's been a tough fall & winter, between nearly losing Troy & then immediately getting sick, and pretty much staying that way until recently. I have gone through everything from thinking I was dying to being accused of faking it, until I just can't take anymore. I think, honestly, my main complaint rigth now, is that I have a toothache, which is a huge improvement!

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