Monday, February 09, 2009

High School Drama

I realize that I seem to rant, rave & complain a lot on this blog & it isn't really my intention to. Lately it just really feels like I have no other place to go & vent my frustrations, so they get written in here. With that said...

The big argument this morning about did me in for the day. I'm tired, subdued & pretty much lacking the motivation to do much of anything now. I did go out to the library & get the tax forms. I started trying to do them, got frustrated & I'm done. I'll pay for the software & us that, I can't take the stress. It's still snowing & icy cold out there, so that pretty much ruined any other thoughts I may have had towards going out to dinner tonight or anything, since I'm not going back out in that for love or money.

At any rate, there are days when I feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of high school kids, again, the drama level is so high. Sadly, most of the drama we deal with these days isn't even caused by people in their teens, and most of it comes from a single source, who's almost 24 years old. She came out here about a year ago, married to someone we thought was our friend. At first, everything was good, they moved in some other friends, agreed to the terms of them living there (part of which was that one person paid their part of the rent by providing groceries & housekeeping).

That friend ended up not only providing food for everyone who lived there, but for his 5 kids who were there every day, all summer long. It might have been okay if they had ever managed to pay their rent consistently, or help out with the utilities or anything else other than buy cigarettes. My friend J ended up having to take out a bunch of payday loans to try to make ends meet & they still ended up having to move to a cheaper place.

Anyway to make a long story a little bit shorter, the guy of this couple showed his true colors before too much longer & started being a total jerk, then he decided he wanted to sleep with another woman, and when he did & then wanted his wife back, she wasn't sure she wanted to go back & kept both of them confused & ignorant for months while she wavered back & forth, using how good each of them was in bed as a barometer for how much she wanted to stay with them at first & then later it was who would get her back home.

She finally walked out on her boyfriend & went back to her husband, and the drama still isn't over. I swear it's more irritating than vaginal dryness and there doesn't seem to be any relief on the horizon. I don't really deal with her at all these days, but it's driving my best friend nuts & she doesn't need the stress, at all, she's getting ready to quit smoking & is trying to get a handle on her health after a near heart attack a week or so ago.

So, if it isn't caused by my own kids & situations, I'm still dealing with it. I just wish everyone would grow up.

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