Monday, December 01, 2008


Troy & I have spent a lot of time this past week trying to get used to our new, healthier lifestyle. We've pretty much completely reworked our menu and cut out most of the stuff we used to eat & enjoy, because really, nothing is going to taste good to either of us if the other one dies young.

This hospital trip was a real eye-opener for us, and there are times when I'm still very emotional about it & sad, like this morning, when Troy tried to talk to me about what I would have done if he hadn't made it through. I started crying & pretty much refused to talk about it, really.

So, anyway, we've been doing a lot more healthy grilling, eating more chicken & almost no beef, adding more vegetables to our meals and having healthier snacks. Troy's been a great sport about it, and has even started eating vegetables that he had never agreed to eat at all before. We're both losing weight, sleeping better & feeling better, too.

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