Saturday, December 27, 2008


I think I need to get the room Erin has been using straightened out so that he can keep his stuff in there & be able to keep track of it. It's all starting to build up in the living room & quite frankly, this room isn't all that big to begin with. Between all of the humans & animals we have in here you can barely turn around sometimes. I guess it's probably a good idea that we decided against getting the new TV right now, because even though getting new tv furniture and getting rid of the entertainment center would give us more room, I'm not sure we have the space to move anything around to make it work for us, not right now, anyway.

Things are just cramped & crowded right now, I imagine it won't feel like this when the weather gets nice again, but for now, this house feels about half of it's actual size. I think it probably has in the past, I'm just really bothered by my lack of space & privacy anymore, I think. I know I'm more than ready for it to be just me & Troy again, we got spoiled during those months when it was. Rhi plans to move out fairly soon, and Erin is trying to get some legal stuff cleared up & taken care of so that he can start getting some job training & get on with his life. I'm pretty excited, it means we can get on with our lives, too!

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