Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas is in two days, it seems like it was a month away just a few days ago, honestly. It's not like I'm not ready, I am, it just seems like the last month went by insanely quick. We had another snow storm yesterday, it started right after Troy & I decided to drive down to St. George & spend a little bit of his end of year bonus. Rhi got hired to work as a laborer on a local farm, so we dropped her off on our way & had to drive through everything from snow to rain in 50 miles.

We're trying to decide whether we should spend almost the entire bonus & get an LCD TV, which we've been wanting for awhile, or to split it between ourselves & get other stuff. Part of the problem we have is if we get a new, larger TV, we have to totally reaarange our living room & I don't think either of us is truly up to that yet. Another issue is that we'll have to get something to put it on, because all we have is an extremely outdated entertainment center & that will never hold a larger TV. I'm thinking we'll just wait & save up to get one & a new stand, too.

That means I need to decide what I do want to buy.. oh my, so many choices!

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