Friday, December 26, 2008

Another One Gone

Christmas was good for us. It was very low-key, but that was really what we were looking for this year. The kids were happy with their gifts, Troy loved his iPod Nano, I was thrilled with my perfumes (from BPAL) and my new Samsung digital camera. Christmas Eve was pretty mellow for us. Erin worked most of the day, Rhi was in & out. Her boyfriend & two of her other friends got together & got her a 6 month old American Pit Bull for Christmas, so she was out with them quite a lot. That evening, we watched some Christmas movies, ate dinner & opened our new pajamas & went to bed.

Christmas morning, Erin came & woke us up at about 7:30 or so, we came out & everyone got into their stockings & such, we all worked on waking up & then we got the gifts passed out & took turns opening them. Erin & Troy immediately started loading mp3 players with music, Rhi wandered back off to bed & I got on my computer & played until it was time to go to my folks' house. We had a good time over there & a lot of good food to eat, too. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts & we had a good time visiting. Of course, my niece was asking Rhi about everything from drawing anime, acne treatments & boys, but I think that's probably the great thing about having an older cousin to hang out with. I never really did & am happy to see their friendship grow as they both get older.

We left there right as the storm was starting to get bad, came back here & dropped the kids off to pursue what ever they had planned for the night, went & picked up Dawn & Jason & headed off to the party we were having with our friends. We had a bunch of good snacks to eat & tons of good things to drink. We all exchanged gifts & played Rock Band & had a great time. I think Troy & i got home at around 2am or so. Well, I gotta go, have to run to the store & then over to Dawn's.

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