Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Think We're Ready

We decided to brave the grocery store and the liquor store today, we figured that it would be twice as bad tomorrow. We're going to a party on Christmas night, thus the need to run by the liquor store. I think there were more people in there today than I've ever seen at one time. There was some woman that was taking up the entire driveway while we were trying to get in.. she had her phone jammed in her ear & looked like she had a bad attitude, too. Troy called her "Dortha" and I looked at him & said, "I don't know, I think her name is something like Latrina or Rimowa or something." While we were in there, another woman walked up & asked us what went well in eggnog, I told her a spiced rum would be good, we chatted for a couple of seconds & then we went back to picking stuff out. I swear I don't look like I spend a lot of time drinking or anything, I have no idea why she asked us & I don't ever actually add anything to our eggnog, so I hope that was a good suggestion.

We headed to the grocery store after that to pick up mixers & realized that neither of us had eaten anything since breakfast, so we went to the deli first. I grabbed a sandwich, Troy got baked chicken & then we got mixers & left. I still need to wrap a few gifts & get stuff ready for the stockings, but other than that, I'm finished & ready for Thursday. Tomorrow I just want to stay in, do my laundry & relax. We plan to watch Christmas movies throughout the afternoon & evening & probably go to bed somewhat early, so we can be well-rested for Christma, which will be a busy & tiring day.

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