Saturday, November 15, 2008

See? It's Not All That I Do...

I haven't even turned the TV on today. I'm not thrilled with Saturday programing to begin with, it seems that it's a fat burner review, followed by a dehydrator ad that lasts an hour, and then something for the latest exercise gadget, then another food preparation product and on & on until mid-to-late afternoon, at least on most of the channels I feel like watching. I could find something, I'm sure, sometimes I catch some good movies on one of the premium channels on Saturdays, but, believe it or not, I just wasn't in the mood to stare at the box today.

I'm a little worried about Rhi, though. She still hasn't gotten out of bed & she's usually up fairly early. I know she was out until about 2 this morning, but that doesn't normally cause her to sleep this late. Who knows, maybe she has a hangover. It's not like she'd tell me or anything.

I do plan to have a talk with everyone later on today about the house, because we laid down rules for both of them when we said they could move back in & neither one of them is doing anything they agreed to. I'm tired of it.

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