Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Technology Rocks

One thing that I noticed when we were helping Morgan & Roger shop for strollers, was how far they've come since the last time I bought one. Not only are they made for more than one purpose these days, they're so much safer than they were when my kids were little. I love the ones that have the infant car seat attached to them, so you can take it off, put the stroller away & either put the baby in the car or take them inside. Those are designed to change to a regular stroller when the baby gets too big for the infant car seat. There's a normal, standard stroller seat under it, so you never really have the issue of the baby outgrowing the stroller.

There are even models now that allow your older child to stand behind the seat and safely ride that way, some even have a little seat forthem to sit on if they get tired of standing. That really would have come inhandy when mine were little, poor Erin would get so tired at times & we'd have to carry him or sit down & rest awhile with him. We've really come a long way regarding safety & our children in the past 20 years or so, you know?

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