Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Costume Contest?


My daughter, Rhi designed and handmade (she even sewed most of it without a machine) this wolf costume a couple of years ago. She managed to completely freak the dog out with it, too!!

Mrs. B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, is having a 31Days of Halloween Giveaway, where she gives a bunch of cool things away every day, and for one of them today you need to post a pic of you, your husband or your child ion a costume & she'll decide which one is the most original & they get a cool basketful of goodies.


mrsb said...

Holy moly, that's a great costume!!

Angela said...

You got it in the bag!! out of all of us so far this has to be the best costume of us all!

Moon Spirit said...

What a great costume. Love the blog!! Good Luck!!

Nydia said...

Hi, Dyane!! I just read your comment on my celtic animal sign, I'm so sorry that - gods know how - I forgot adding the Stag, this powerful animal sig to the list! I just corrected my mistake, thanks for calling my attention to it! :o)

Loved your blog, it's nice to get to know one more fellow pagan.

Kisses from Nydia.