Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dog Days

I'm not really sure when the dog days actually are, I'm pretty sure it's in August, although that month is fairly cool for us, because that's usually when the rains come & the heat backs down. All I really know is that it's been terribly hot all month & I'm really tired of being exhausted and overheated.

Dawn's surgery went really well and she's recovering nicely. They released her the next evening & I drover her to get her prescriptions and then home. I haven't seen her much since then, but I know if she needs me that she'll call. There are other things going on with her right now that she's trying to handle & things going on with me that I'm handling by staying away, but neither of us is angry with the other or anything.

There isn't much to do around here after faire ends, so I'm trying to keep busy. If we were still in Pueblo, there would be quinceanera invitations to read & parties to look forward to, the state fair, the reservoir and a lot more, but we aren't, so I think I'll look at Troy's schedule & plan a camping trip or two. I know I need to get away & I'm sure he does, too.

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