Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting Closer

Well, I got Dave picked up in Vegas yesterday, and didn't get any of us killed in the traffic, so that's a good thing. I managed to be almost recovered from whatever bug I had on Friday, so I wasn't entirely miserable on the way back & forth. This morning, I finished sewing a set of walls, sewed a canopy & got our key to the faire storage trailers. All I have left to do is one set of walls, which I need to even out before I sew, a chemise and two overskirts for my niece.

I do have a couple of bodices that need repairing, but that can be done while sitting somewhere & BSing, honestly, so I'll take them with me tonight & get them done. We have a plan for setup this year that will help us immensely with tear down, so I'm really hoping that works out for us. One thing I really want to do, for Troy & I is to go & clean our storage unit out after Faire so we can have space to put all of our own personal stuff, like my booth and stuff like that. We have things in there that we haven't used for years, like old exercise equipment, encyclopedia sets that are years, if not decades, out of date. I'm sure there are old toys of the kids, and probably clothes and shoes, too. We could probably actually start using it if we did that.

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