Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ahhh... Young Love.. errr... Divorce

As most of you know, my best friend's daughter Morgan got pregnant when she was just shy of 17, had her baby, Elyssabeth at 17, got married a few months later at 18. This was last November. She really did nothing but gripe & complain from that day on. If she wasn't complaining about Roger, it was his sister, or his mom or the layout of the house, or whatever she could think of to vent about that day. It got so bad that we automatically started giving her 5 minutes & then would stop her, we just couldn't take it anymore.

About a month ago, she took off for Salt Lake, in their uninsured car with no drivers' license, without telling Roger anything & left the baby, too. She came back a couple of days later & he took her out to his mom's vehicle & drove her to Dawn's house, telling her he wanted a divorce. No one blamed him, at all. There had been a certain degree of cheating on her part & no one is sure how far that went, and she wasn't even trying anymore (I know he's probably considering DNA testing at this point, but is also afraid she isn't his).

He has custody of Beth, she sees the baby every other weekend, but doesn't seem to miss her or even want to have her around. We picked her up a couple of weeks ago & she was soaking wet & filthy when we did. She was also dehydrated, so that diaper had to be on her for awhile. She isn't understanding, in light of this why Roger is asking for full custody of Beth & telling her she is an unfit mother. Did she honestly believe that Beth would just take care of herself while she chatted on the computer?

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