Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Times

The movie last night was good (Hancock). I had no idea what it was about other than there was a superhero that no one liked, so it was all a surprise to me. I had just about everything in it that, to me, makes up a good movie. We all did a lot of laughing, which is always a good sign. We kind of have a tradition, where shortly after Faire, we all go to a movie together. This year it was only Dawn, Dave, Troy & I, but it was fun, nonetheless. It all depends on who has money to go at the time.

Dave will be leaving on Thursday afternoon, so I want to get Troy over there to see him for awhile after he gets off work tonight, since he won't see him again until next year. Dawn & I will take him to Las Vegas in the morning, we'll have lunch & I'll drop him off at the airport.

I plan to be a lot thinner by the next time he sees us, even if I have to start taking Phentermine without a prescription or something similar. I'm done being the fat chick in our group and done feeling terrible all the time.

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