Sunday, June 08, 2008


I thought life was supposed to mellow out in the Summer & get less busy. I guess I was wrong. Rhi got moved out on May 23 & really loves being on her own & the freedom she has because of it. I'm proud of her & so happy that she got out on her own & is making her own way in the world. She's working for a temp/employment agency at the local Styrofoam factory & she really loves it. The company keeps requesting her, so I know she's doing a good job.

Erin is.. somewhere? He called me a couple of days ago to tell me he was still in town, but that's the last I heard. It seems sometimes that he doesn't even have the ambition to do the things he wants to do, you know? Garrett is back home, working on his movie & apparently too busy to talk to us very much.

I have to take Dawn for a biopsy tomorrow. I know she's worried & scared, but I also know she isn't showing it. I think I need to take her on a walk by ourselves this evening & let her talk about it, away from her kids. Her oldest just split with her husband, so sh has that stress & worry on top of everything else, so it just seems to never end.

That's life right now. How's yours?

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Theresa said...

Goodness you have a lot going on don't you?? Good luck to Dawn on her biopsy! I hope you two had a chance to chat alone.