Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Babies

We finally got to see our friend Mindy's baby boy, Grady, last night. He was 3 weeks early & is so very tiny. We're still waiting to see little Phoebe, who was born about 2 weeks after Grady, but hopefully we'll be able to soon. There were three little ones born in our troth this past spring, starting with Cerridwyn on the first day of Spring.

We have another baby due in our group of friends in 7 weeks, and her baby shower is on the same day that Dawn, Melissa & I are heading for Las Vegas (the baby is Dawn's cousin Jeremy's), so we can't go. I need to get some stuff together for a gift basket to send with Dawn's daughter, Cherokee, when she goes to it.

Then the final baby is due in November or December, I think. It'll be our friends Gary & Summer's first boy & we're all pretty excited about it. They have two little girls already, and were really wanting a boy this time.

I love seeing all of the new babies, they are each so precious and special to us all, it's an exciting time in our troth & these little ones just add to it.

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Theresa said...

I'm due in December too...even though we aren't friends in person! lol :)