Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer!

Wow, the longest day of the year already. Time has really been flying since graduation, but we've all managed to get quite a bit done in that amount of time, too. We've completely redone the thrones for our renaissance faire, I've made quite a few signs to sell, I helped Dawn make a pattern for Jason's vest, we screen-printed 200 t-shirts and celebrated Father's Day.

We got a bunch of the signs that get put up at faire redone, so they can actually be read now and aren't just taking up space. They look really nice now. Today, I need to go & buy some blue paint so we can finish up the bench Dawn sits on and then I think we'll be finished with all of that. Oh, yeah, we redid the top of the table we use for the watermelon & pie-eating contests, too. It looks so much better than it did! I'm excited to show the rest of the board of directors what everything looks like now.

This coming weekend, I need to run a check on Jason's computer memory to make sure that's not the problem on his computer, we have our summer solstice celebration with our troth and more work, I'm sure. I still need to get the walls cut for our encampment & I'm hoping to do that later today. I'll also cut out my bloomers & get them ready for sewing while I'm at it. A lot of this we have to get finished before the 1st, since Dawn has surgery then & I need her help for a lot of it.

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