Friday, June 20, 2008


Our niece, Kelsey just graduated, too & I noticed a picture of her on my sister-in-law's MySpace, where she's lying on the couch with a passport next to her. I've been wondering ever since if she's spending the summer abroad, going on a senior trip out of the country or what. We're not incredibly close, so I feel like asking her would be a little invasive, so I guess I'll just wonder a while longer.

I wish we could have afforded to send Rhi somewhere fun after graduation, but she seems to be having a pretty good summer, in spite of having a full-time job and the responsibilities of a home of her own. She did apply to the local university & make an appointment to take her ACT, which is a step in the right direction for her & I'm very proud of her for it. Hopefully, other things will start to come together for her as well.

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Theresa said...

Sounds like Rhi has a lot going for her right now. I hope everything works out well!