Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring & New Beginnings

This Spring will bring a lot of changes for us. Within our group of friends, we'll have a brand new baby, who is due to arrive just days before Spring itself. Our little grand-daughter will turn a year old & little Helen will be 3, which is just hard to believe, on both counts. I remember when Helen was a tiny baby who never seemed to stop crying & the day that Beth was born, they've both grown so much. Beth is trying to walk & Helen is speaking full, intelligible sentences.

In our own little family, our daughter will turn 18 and shortly after that, she'll graduate from high school. That means that an era that started when I became a mother over 21 years ago will come to an end. I'm not saying that I'm going to stop being a mom, by any means. I know that never ends, and that the worrying lasts forever. I'm talking about having to get up way earlier that I want to because of my kids and being responsible for lives other than my own. I'm not sure how to act or what to do, I've been raising kids for so long, I'm hoping it won't be too hard to move out of that frame of mind, so that I don't drive her insane.

So, while the youngsters in my neighborhood are trying out each others swing sets and scooters, we'll be adjusting to a whole new way of life. Spring will definitely be a time of change around here, for sure.

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