Sunday, February 03, 2008

Catching Up

Since you asked what was up, Theresa, I thought I probably ought to post. Sorry about that, things seem to run in cycles around here, where we have weeks at a time when everything just flies by & I seem to only have a few minutes on the computer and then we have another few where nothing is going on & I'm always on.

Our weekends seem to go by really fast with almost nothing getting done anymore. We got so busy this past week that we forgot to get the car inspected & registered. I'm just happy that between our two checking accounts we had the money sitting in savings & ready to go.

Monday, we made doctor appointments for Troy & Rhi for the next day & then we went & got Troy a new 2 year contract & phone on our cell plan. We had canceled Erin's plan a few days earlier & added unlimited text to mine, so our bill will stay the same, but it'll work better for us. Erin hadn't had a phone for almost 2 years, since he threw the one we got him with his plan at his ex-girlfriend & broke it.

Tuesday, Troy went to his annual check up & got a new medication to help manage his diabetes & had a bunch of bloodwork done. I went & picked Rhi up from school early, because she was making herself sick thinking about having to go to the doctor. Sean showed up to go with us about an hour before & then the 3 of us headed out. She was having her first pelvic exam & pap smear, along with getting on birth control pills & having the Gardisil shot. She was pretty upset and angry at us (Sean & I) for insisting that she follow through with it & threatened to bolt several times, but she got through it. Sean took her out to dinner later on, which I thought wa sweet of him.

Wednesday was the day I realized that we hadn't registered the car & when Troy called, I told him, so he took a day off to handle that & a couple of other things. I straightened up the house and did a few other things. Thursday, Troy got up & went to get the car inspected & then registered it & was done by 8:30. I'm pretty sure we did some other things that day, but I can't remember what. I know that was the day I started to feel so crappy, though & that we went to bed pretty early.

Friday was a long day for me. i didn't feel good to begin with, and I had to go & get groceries after Rhi got out of school, so I tried to take it easy all day & not get any sicker. We got groceries and put everything away, then I pretty much just died on the couch until Troy got home. I had the chills and was pretty miserable, then I realized that the front door wasn't shut & two of the cats were out. Jasper came right back in, but Malachite was being stubborn. I'd go to the door & he'd run away. As soon as I shut it, he'd run back on the porch & start yowling to come in. We did this several times before I finally got him back in. Troy & I went & got some dinner & watched TV for a little while and waited for Rhi to come & grab some stuff, then we went to bed.

Saturday, Rhi & I couldn't seem to stop fighting, so I won't really go into it, but I'll sure be happy when she adjusts the the pill & stops being so moody. This morning we woke up at 7:00 to a burning smell. The power had gone out as the furnace was starting the cooling cycle & it was overheated. Troy burned his hand on the outside panels, but he got them off & outside to cool off. It was pretty scary, really. We finally got power back at around 9:30 this morning. And I'm going back to bed now, I'm really tired.

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Theresa said...

I guess I need to be careful for what I ask for huh?? You've been a busy lady! I hope you are feeling better now. Glad Troy & Rhi got to the doc. Take care!!! You asked how I'm doing...I'm doing better. Each day is a healing day. HUGS!