Saturday, February 09, 2008

Getting Better All the Time

My week got a lot better as it progressed. I was really upset about the way Rhi had been treating me & we talked it out. It's been a lot better since then, thankfully. Erin did try to leave for San Diego, but no one would give them a ride out of St. George. Troy told him that he needs to take some of the metal off of his face & he'd he'd have better luck, this is still Utah, after all. I'm pretty sure his lip is pierced 3 times or so and he may have had an eyebrow piercing, too. So, I'm not having to worry about that, at least not right now.

Yes, we still have to pay taxes, but we'll survive. It won't kill us, we've been through worse, plenty of times. The best thing is the weather this weekend is gorgeous, I don't feel like I need to throw on my sheepskin boots just to go out to the car. I didn't even wear a jacket when Rhi & I went to the store earlier. So, yay!

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Theresa said...

I'm so glad your week got better!