Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Working for the Weekend

Rhi started a new job yesterday. She & Kris are working at Taco Bell, now, and so far, she says she likes it. We'll see whether she continues to, or if she starts griping about it every day. I don't mind her having a job, I just feel like I deal with enough complaining about the workplace with Troy. I think that if she hates something so much she should do something about it instead of sitting around complaining for hours on end, you know?

Erin is trying to get a second job so that he can save up for his move to Oregon faster, which I don't see happening, quite frankly. He's terrible with money. Then there's the fact that he got arrested the other day for criminal mischief and has to deal with all of that before he can go anywhere. But hey, at least he's a lot more motivated to work than he once was!

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