Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memories, Light the Corners of my Mind..

Its funny how a phrase or a few words can trigger a whole set of memories, isn't it? Its like when I see the words "Samsonite luggage," it beings me a whole series of memories from my childhood, involving my mom & dad's blue hardside luggage. It went everywhere with us, and lasted forever. Parts of it went on every vacation I did until I was grown and out of the house, and even then, I took the smallest piece with me when I left & probably still have it in storage somewhere filled with baby clothes, or something. I remember all of the long car rides, the motel stays, digging around in the luggage, trying to find my PJs, or my clean clothes for the next day. Its just funny to me the power that words, sounds and smells have to evoke feelings and memories. What does it for you?

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