Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Stupid wind. Its blowing super hard here and of course that's causing all of the pollen to start flying around and its giving me a terrible headache. We're having issues with my car again, too. Yesterday the drivers side door starting having problems with the latch/lock/door handle area. Sometimes the latch doesn't disengage and we can't shut it until we lock & unlock it again. I can't open it from the inside at all, I have to roll my window down, use the outside handle, open it & then roll my window up, all before I shut the car off.

Then there's the issue with the car stereo. If is turned off it will start start making a static sound that won't stop until we turn it on & then off again. I swear, we've have more little problems with this brand new car than we ever had with any of the used ones we bought.

At this point, I just wish I could figure out what I want to cook for dinner, because really, at this point, I'm at a loss. I wanted to make spaghetti, but the meat I usually use wasn't in stock at the grocery store today & it doesn't taste the same without it. So, yeah.

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