Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let the Craziness Begin

The busiest 3 weeks of the year started for us last week, with Groovefest, followed immediately by Rhi, Kris & I going to New Harmony to Dawn & Cherokee's birthday dinner. During our time out there, Kris' mother & stepfather started calling him, threatening to turn him in as a runaway. He hadn't run away, he had gone to his dad's house the night before after he received a threatening phone call from the stepfather. I refused to take him to a place where I felt he probably wasn't safe.

The mom & step did eventually call the cops, but they didn't tell the whole story, so that when the officer called Kris to ask him what had been going on, the officer sided with him & told him he'd call him back after he tried to convince the mom to relinquish custody to his dad. That did finally happen, so we had to wait until we got back to town to go & get his stuff, and of course, we waited until Troy was home, too. Then we called the Sheriff's department and got someone to meet us out there. They gave him some problems with it, but did eventually let him get most everything.

After that, its been drama with their work schedules, which they've finally got worked out. And Rhi not understanding that since she no longer has car insurance, I have to drive him home at night & we go when I'm ready, not when they are. I just can't justify spending that much money on car insurance just so she can drive it occasionally (It was costing us over $1600 a year BEFORE we added her, until we switched to Geico). That and I'm not staying up every night until they're ready to say goodbye.

Today and yesterday, I've just been exhausted, but my week isn't nearly over. I need to pick Rhi up from work at around 5 today, take her to cash her check & then anything else she needs to do, come home, cook dinner and such. I really need to go to the store & replace our skin care products, since we're nearly out. Tomorrow, we go & screenprint t-shirts bright & early in the morning & then I need to help Charley & Vicki move. Blech. I just want some sleep.

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