Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Car is Fixed!

Troy just got back from the car dealership and its all fixed again. Well, the door is fixed, there was no one available in the service area to look at my stereo for a couple of weeks, so we took it to the body shop. It was a little hook that had come undone, it took the guy about 5 minutes. I'm just thrilled it was such a tiny thing.

So, now I need to decide if I want to put more gas in it & use it to do the stuff we need to today, or to just take Troy's XTerra. We have to go up & down one of the main streets here in town & deliver posters to motels, convenience stores/gas stations and restaurants along with our little double-sided flier thingies for renne faire. We were supposed to have done this last weekend, but never found the time. Blech.

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