Thursday, April 05, 2007


I don't know why I'm "yaying" maybe because its the last day of school for the week & I can sleep in. Rhi gets a four-day weekend, so we can get caught up on our restin' and relaxin' :) I'm not feeling great, but that's ok, I'll survive, I always do.

My dad called me yesterday to give me the update on my brother. I guess he showed up at my mom & dad's right after they got there the other night & he took Jaycie back home. He didn't even speak to them, he just knocked on the door & took her with him. She was crying & upset that she had to leave, but its like dad said, he couldn't keep him from taking her. He's just about fed up with my brother & sister-in-law though. Like us, he's finished trying to help them and only cares about the girls. I have to wonder what's going to happen now. I guess I'll just wait & see.

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