Sunday, April 15, 2007

Have You Ever Thought..

I guess that having relatives in the death care industry (Troy's step-father owns a mortuary) colors the way you think about dying and paying for funeral costs and all of that, since you hear about how so many families aren't able to afford to pay for even the lowest-priced package at time & have to split the cost through the entire extended family, or try to figure out something else to do. It hurts me to think about leaving those costs to my kids, and picturing them not only dealing with losing me, but trying to figure out how to pay for a funeral, too. Funeral Insurance is a good idea, its fairly inexpensive and it helps cover a lot of expenses people leave when they go, like mortgage, car payments & the costs of a funeral. Starting a savings account ear-marked for those final expenses is a good idea, too, if you aren't into the whole insurance thing, or even a prepaid plan with a mortuary can help out a lot. I do think you need to plan ahead, way ahead. Your family should know your wishes and how you feel about the way you want your final arrangements handled. Don't tell a couple of people & hope the word will get out, tell everyone who matters to you & will have any sort of a say in things. Garrett's grandpa always wanted to be cremated & then have his ashes scattered in a place that was very special to him, but he didn't tell both of his kids that. He only told his son & his daughter is the one who handled things, and his ashes didn't end up where he wanted them. The thought of that has always made me a little sad. I'm sure she thought she was doing what he wanted, but it really caused a lot of hard feelings between her & her brother.

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