Monday, April 16, 2007

Trying to Get Back into the Swing..

Not the world's greatest picture, but it'll have to do until the professional shots come back from the photographer. Her dress really wasn't as poofy as it looks, the wind was blowing behind her. She said they had an awesome time & Will/Kris looked really nice, too. Unfortunately, she forgot to take the camera in & took a couple of pics after the dance, where they're both tired & sweaty looking. Apparently someone spiked the apple cider, and Rhi smelled it & texted me. I just told her if it started making her feeling buzzed to stop drinking it. She did anyway, since she knew she had to drive later. I feel bad for the kids that didn't realize it & possibly went home drunk, since this is a highly Mormon community & a lot of kids wouldn't even know what alcohol smells like in a drink.

At any rate, they had fun, they looked good & it made everything leading up to it worthwhile to me. You're only young once.

I've had some more disturbing news about Erin, I'm not quite ready to share it here right now, but let's just say, I'm pretty pissed off about it & I'm considering making him move out because of it. I already know that as soon as Troy hears about it, he'll want Erin out of the house. Anyway, I need to get off of this thing & try to find my scissors so I can assemble the invitations I made for Morgan's baby shower.

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