Sunday, April 01, 2007

We're Grillin'

What we ended up doing was calling Ryan & having him meet us at W@lmart so we could get a grill. The one we had looked at & decided on a few weeks ago was sold out, so we got the next model up. This is what we got. So, Troy & Ryan spent the rest of the afternoon putting it together, I started thawing out steaks and a little chicken & we grilled. Even Erin got in on it by grilling a couple of veggie burgers. I'm so happy about this, we've wanted one for so long & kept putting it off & putting it off. Even Troy said we should've done this long ago. Its so nice to be able to have the kids & their friends over to eat & hang out in the yard.

Earlier today Rhi & I ran up to the grocery store to grab her something to eat at work today & they had trees out for sale, so we picked out a Corkscrew Willow to plant in our yard. I'm going to talk to Troy later, when he gets home & see if we can go & get it. (yeah, we'll have to call Ryan again) I'm so excited about making our yard nice for the summer this year!!

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