Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Shopping Question

So, lately, I've been using the mid-week grocery ads as a basis for my grocery list. I try to make sure that most of what I buy every payday is on sale & generally stuff we'd normally buy. I've been saving a lot of money by checking out the manager's specials in the meat department, too. We got two packages of pre-seasoned chicken breasts (they each have 2 full boneless breasts in them) for less than $2.00 each last time. So, my question is, do you shop using a grocery list? If you do, how do you make it? Do you make your menu up & then buy what you need or do you use the ads like I do & then make your menu?

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Cetta said...

I absolutely shop the sales! I base my "menus" on the ads... yesterday, for example, the store had ground meat on sale (the good stuff; lean, etc). We had slopy joes last night and I made the meat for taco dip. They also had tuna on sale and so I stocked up. I found this was a great thing when I had a big pantry in our last home, but I'm swamped for room here, so I can only do the stock-up thing on a limited basis ;-)