Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yay!! New Clothes!

I love it when I order something from Ebay & it gets here when it should & fits wonderfully, too. I've had a few really great experiences with sellers on there lately, especially those that sell dresses. I bought Rhi's Homecoming & Prom dresses from 2 different sellers & while I did have to alter the Homecoming dress (to make it smaller in the waist) it was gorgeous. Her Prom dress fit beautifully, like it was made for her (in a way, it was, since it was made in China after we ordered it & then shipped to us). I just bought myself a new dress for a wedding Troy & I are officiating at later this month, along with a dress for Faire & one for Dawn, and they're all just beautiful, and mine fit me perfectly, too. (I'm sure Dawn's will, too, I just haven't taken it to her yet) I'm really excited to wear them now!!

I went & bought some tulle to make Rhi's slip & found some awesome fabric to make her a little wrap, too, so I'll probably make those tonight sometime, or tomorrow afternoon. Yay :)

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