Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mid-Week Stuff

Rhi's geek-fest went well, she said. She came in 12th in the contest to see who could put a computer together the fastest, although hers was the only one that could be booted. She scored the highest in the A+ testing, too. She apparently had a low blood-sugar incident during the computer assembling thing & fortunately, her boyfriend was there to make sure she got some sugar & then some food. (as he said, "I handed her a Sierra Mist because it was the closest drink & then I made her eat a pizza." LOL)

The dentist visit went well, too. Rhi had to have 3 fillings, so they did the first two, a check up and x-rays & they'll finish up in May. The things that aggravated me were, we were there early, her appointment was at 4:00, so we got there at about 3:45 or so. She didn't get called back until 4:20 and we weren't done until almost 6.. we were the last people in there, the hygienists were cleaning the office while we were sitting there waiting. THEN we're told we have to pay 20% of the bill because our insurance only pays 80%. What? Since when is a check up, x-rays & 2 fillings not considered basic care? So, of course, we had to put that on the credit card, because we're broke. Hopefully we'll have it all straightened out in a while & get a refund, or at least not have to pay anything when we take her in for the last filling.

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