Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Right before Christmas - well, December 2 - we sent Erin his guitar, and a couple of weeks later, a box for him, his then fiance & her little brother, that had new guitar strings and the new game "Rocksmith" in it. Erin has played the guitar since his sophomore year of high school & has always felt that he was mediocre, at best, at it. So, sending the guitar, strings and game were our way of encouraging him to get back into a place where he feels confidant playing again. He has played with several bands over the yeas & I know he'd love to start making music again.

What I'm hoping, is that the now ex-fiance and her mother, who are meeting Troy & I in Las Vegas in February, will, at the very least, make sure his guitar & strings are a part of the exchange (along with Erin's dog!). I can replace the game, but he's had that guitar for a long time & my daughter has kept it for him since he left 5 years ago. It would be a shame for him to lose it now, just because someone wants to be vindictive.

So, my fingers are crossed & I'm planning for the best, even if I do have quite a "speech" ready if she doesn't follow through with it.

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