Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Good Birthday

I had a very good day yesterday. It was mellow & quiet, but good just the same. I took my daughter to her probation appointment in the morning, then came home & relaxed awhile. She needed another ride later, so I did that & then me & my son went & got some lunch. We talked about how much different his life is now, me learning some easy songs on the guitar, what he planned to do later, what I planned to do later, you know, just normal stuff.

We came home, he did his thing, I did mine & then I got ready to go out to dinner with Troy. I had a ton of birthday greetings on Facebook, which was pretty awesome, really. We went out & got dinner, then came home & watched a little DVR'ed TV and went to bed. My mom came over this morning with my birthday gift - cute owl earrings!

So, all in all, a good day. I'm a little worried about my son today, he's still in bed & I'm hoping it's just because he was up so late last night. You just never stop worrying, you know?

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