Friday, March 04, 2011

Bad Day

Poor Rhi. She was all excited on Wednesday, she had just made a new friend & had also spent the day feeding horses, playing with goats & hanging out with people who wanted her around, she had an interview scheduled for the next day & was even going to go hang out with her new friend. I guess they went out to dinner, but at any rate, she woke up Thursday violently ill. She threw up for hours, was still sick when it was time for her interview at 4:45 (she went anyway, just had to run for the bathroom before the interview) and I think once more a couple of hours later. She was just miserable & I felt so bad for her.

Things like that always make me adjust the scopes on my daily viewfinder, you know? It changes the way I look at things, mostly because there are times when I'm that sick & all I want is my own mother, and I know that's unreasonable, because, after all, I'm 45 & she isn't going to end this feud to drive into town & babysit her sick daughter. At the same time, I know that in spite of Rhi's protests, she's likes knowing we're here when she's that sick, I know it scares her to be out of control like that. Sometimes, it's just nice to feel needed.

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