Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Little Better

Troy seems to have made peace with his feelings about his job, at least he's determined not to let it ruin his whole life. He still dislikes the things that are going on out there, but he's learning to let it go when he gets home, so he isn't taking it out on us. I really wish we were in a position where he could look for something els, but not in this economy, we can't take that risk & sadly, his boss knows that.

At any rate, we're getting ready for the warmer months. We need to buy a new tent before our trip in May, since the one we have is way too big & we can never get warm at night in there. We'd also like to get a new sleeping bag, to cover up with at night, so we don't have to keep borrowing one from Ryan (ours are nylon & they suck). Thankfully, we already have a receiver hitch & a curt trailer hitch for my XTerra, not that we're taking that, but when we finally get our trailer, we'll be ready to go with that end, anyway.

We changed our cell phone carrier & got nice new HTC Heroes for Troy & I. I absolutely love my new phone, I don't know how I went so long with an Android, but I never will again. It's so much fun, and I finally learned to answer a phone call, too (so funny, I failed miserably on the first 3 calls I got, thankfully they were Troy & he was failing too!) The yard is getting green, the tulips are coming up & Spring is in the air!

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