Saturday, March 05, 2011


I hate seeing Troy get that look of dread & depression on his face when it's getting close to the time he needs to leave for work. I remember when he loved his job and even liked most of the people he was working with. Then he got a new boss, who has very different ideas of how he can exploit Troy's talents & willingness to please. He changed his schedule, so he was working the other end of the week, which made things very tough here at home (especially with me, cause I was a total bitch about it). Then Troy got really sick & was in the ICU for almost a week. He came very close to dying & that changed his perspective a lot. He didn't even get a phone call from his boss while he was in there, let alone a visit (I know, I practically lived up there). He decided he was done giving that company his life & getting nothing, not even respect in return.

So, his boss decided to make him work with some one he thought would "motivate" him, expect this man absolutely hates Troy & makes his life miserable. He has so many added duties to his job now, you'd never see that he is, indeed, a security guard. I'm surprised he isn't teaching them all how to handle Conference calling, honestly, it would just be par for the course.

If he could quit, he would. There aren't any jobs here that pay anywhere near what he makes, so he'd have to work twice as hard at two jobs just to make ends meet. I could work, but I sure wouldn't make enough to pay the bills. I just hate seeing him this way, I wish I could fix it. I miss his smile so much.

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