Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad Grammar Vexes Me So

I was on Facebook this morning - okay, every day, most of the day - and one of the people on my friends' list (I say this, because they aren't really a friend, just someone who added me, because they needed more friends for games or I was on the lost of someone they knew, or whatever, at any rate, I don't actually know them, because I'd have said something if I did) and they posted a status message that said, "looking for great mother day gifts for my mom & gram, any ideas?" My mind shifted to "Why are you calling my mom "Mother Day?" since that is my mom's last name, then went to "That should be capitalized." and then, I realized what they were really saying, and trust me, English is this person's first language, so there was no excuse. I could say maybe they weren't that great at typing, but nothing else was misspelled, so I have to assume they are one of those people who also say "Valentime's." and I'll just move on with my life, bite my tongue & try not to make waves. But vex me, it does.

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