Saturday, April 14, 2012

Winter is Still Hanging On

Here it is, mid-April & it's snowing. The birds are distressed & trying to gather as much food as they can & I'll need to send Troy out for the feeders soon, since they're both nearly empty. I'm not happy, this is our last weekend to get the yard done & the resulting trash taken to the street before Spring Clean-up happens for our neighborhood, after this, the cost to haul it off is ours to bear. I guess we'll have to get out there tomorrow regardless of the weather & get it done.

Things are things here at home, some are fantastic, some are okay & a few are just a little troubling, so, pretty much standard, I'd say. I've been anxiously planning our gardens for the summer & hoping for the best. I'm not great at this sort of thing, or even remembering to keep things watered, but I'm going to try my hardest this year.

We have plans to try to learn to can, or at least our son & I do & I'm pretty excited about it. We've looked into the equipment that we'll need & it'll be well worth it, as long as we actually use it.

I'm also looking forward to camping season & really plan to be gone as much as humanly possible when it gets warm enough. Hopefully, my brother or sister-in-law will come up & water the gardens for us if we ask. If they won't, I'll figure something else out, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to pile up in the yard.

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