Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silly Dreams

I used to have a dream that I'd be in a rock band someday. It's silly because I'm so cripplingly shy that I could never be comfortable on stage. I can't play an instrument that would work in a rock band (I play the flute!) and I'd have to be a lot more sure of myself to sing in front of strangers. Anyway, I had it all planned out, I'd have two guitars players; rhythm & lead & both would play beautiful Vox Guitars, the bass player would be hot & no one would ever notice what he played & the drummer? Amazing. Isn't it crazy, the things you want when you're young? Now all I want is enough. Nothing outrageous or amazing, just enough to live life everyday, to do the things we want to & go the places we want to go. (none of which are over the top) I live a simple life, I just wish it were a little more simple.

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