Sunday, April 29, 2012


Another two weeks has passed without me updating in here. I know. We got the yard nicely cleaned up, even though the weather was pretty bad in the weekend prior to Spring clean-up. We managed to get most of what we wanted done finished. We have the weed & feed on the lawn to take advantage of the few rains we've had, and I started some seeds the other day. I need to buy more peat pellets if I want to start anymore. I have broccoli & cauliflower already coming up, along with some marigolds. I have planted parsley, dill, basil, calendula, columbine & Shasta daisies as well. I will be getting some more vegetable seeds on payday, more peat pots & hopefully some more containers to start them in (I'm using produce containers that we left after we finished it). We also need to buy some garden cloth, so we can get our raised beds built in the back, so I can plant my seedlings when they're ready. I'm pretty excited about all of this & really hope I can have a productive garden this year.

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