Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Clean-up

Spring Clean-up week starts tomorrow, at least for my neighborhood. We managed to get a good portion of our yard debris out & on the street today, and our yard looks a whole lot better, too. I like to drive around & see what people re trying to get away with putting out. Sometimes they throw furniture & appliances out there, even though the rules specifically say that you can't. One year we saw a dining set, a couple of old miller welders and a TV sitting on top of a pile of huge branches & lawn trimmings. I was kind of surprised that no one came along & took the welders, they can be fixed pretty easily & used forever (my brother is a welder, I'm not an expert!). The street crew left all of the furniture & sucj behind on the street, but took the branches & grass. I'll bet that was as ad day when they came home & saw that they still had to make a trip to the landfill. I'll be happy to have it done, that means it'sa one step closer to warmer weather & more flowers growing in my yard!

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