Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wow, Almost April!

Things have been busy, but yet mellow at the same time around here. I've been doing some crafts (making more Sabbat books for the Circle), working in the yard & trying to keep up with the house work.

Our son has been working a lot & just got his first paycheck yesterday, so he looking around for a nice accessories package for it, with a skin, screen protector & a car charger, then he ordered some styluses, too.

He had been, earlier in the week, looking & comparing the top netbooks, but then I just let him take mine & use it however he wants, since i might have used it for a total of 8 hours in all of the time I've had it. If he decides he wants it permanently, he can give me a little money for it.

So, the weather is warming up, the yard is turning green & life goes on. Nothing exciting or traumatic, just normal for once.

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