Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Veritable Pharmacy

Some mornings I feel like I could stock a pharmacy, just with the supplements & OTC stuff I take every day. I take 2 types of vitamins, one for my vision (twice a day) & one just a daily, a potassium supplement, fish oil for my eyes (3 times a day), allergy meds, a cold tablet when I'm sick (like I am), ibuprofen (when I hurt, which is most days) and my appetite suppressant (3 times a day). At least I'm not at the point in my life where I take all of those & then run into the bathroom & apply my wrinkle cream, too. All of these pills every day make me feel like an old woman, I swear.

We had a really great Full Moon celebration last night, it was great to get together with good friends & learn a little, laugh a lot & just feel the freedom to believe what we choose to. There's something about sharing a commitment you make to yourself with all of your friends that just firms it up, makes it more real.

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