Friday, February 18, 2011


I think I'm finally winning my long term battle against hormonal acne. I started using the oil cleansing method awhile back, and my skin has pretty cleared up, other than one little patch by my right ear, and in the past few days even that has started to clear up. I didn't get my usual break out during my period this month, so I know that it's working. It's an easy method of taking care of my skin & pretty inexpensive, because I don't use a lot of either oil (sunflower & castor), which makes it last a lot longer.

I never thought something like that would work, but I've been hearing all my life about these little old ladies who only ever washed their faces with olive oil, never used any other moisturizer or anything else on their faces & I just assumed they had good luck, good genes or both. Then I started doing some research, after I read about other people using the OCM, and decided it couldn't work any worse than what I'd been doing that was failing & gave it a shot. I'm very pleased with it & likely won't stop doing it now. I have no desire to fix what isn't broken at this point.

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