Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loving It!

We finally managed to start moving in on the 1st, but we were only able to move boxes to the workshop. I guess the water valve in the bathroom broke right as they were finishing that up, and then our bathroom ceiling started leaking, so all of that had to be fixed before we could occupy the house, so we didn't get all of our furniture in until the 2nd. We've been here ever since & love the house just as much as we did when we were waiting to move in. Tiny is completely housetrained now, she hasn't had one accident in the house since we moved in and is much calmer in the yard. She rarely barks now & then, only if she's tangled up or someone is here.

Kaji had a horrible time with the move. He didn't have any idea what was going on & his under the counters in the old house & we had a hard time getting him out. When we finally did, he had peed all over himself & was shaking & very upset. We got him moved over here & he hid for a couple of days under my bed before he'd venture out to eat & explore. He's fine now & seems to love living here, but we really were worried about him for awhile there.

We all seem happier & calmer here, it's like the other house we sucking the life out of us gradually. that may very well have been the case, what with the black mold in the walls and such, right? Troy & I have both stopped having sleeping problems & wouldn't know what to do with sleep pills if we had them, at this point. The house is always clean, Rhi & I get up every morning & take care of our daily chores, because none of us ever want this house to be anything but clean & nice. All in all, it was definitely a move for the best!

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