Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm really looking forward to going to St. George with Dawn in the next fews or so. She wants to get some new clothes & shoes & doesn't really know where to go down there, so I get to show her where I shop when I have extra money. I don't have anything to spend, which is okay, because I'd just buy things I don't need right now, like a new BCBG Max Azria bag or something. I sometimes justify that by talking about what a great deal I got, which is terrific when we have money.

I like going & looking, too & have a great time getting Dawn to step out of the t-shirt & jeans rut that she sometimes puts herself in. I love seeing her in new, stylish clothing, because she looks great & obviously feels fantastic in it. I'm not really sure when we'll be going, because that'll depend on when she gets her check & all, but it'll be soon, I'm sure.

Our state refund was deposited today, and the federal one will be in tomorrow, which means we can pay off our bankruptcy & have a little left over for us, too. I'm more pleased that we can pay our lawyers than anything, honestly, at least that will be out of the way & we'll be on our way to a new start financially. It'll be nice to be able to have a little breathing room again.

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