Monday, September 15, 2008

So Tired...

... of it all. I can't seem to win with Rhi anymore. I talk to her & she accuses me of prying. I start only speaking when spoken to & I get accused of not loving her. I'm so tired of having to defend my right to love all three of my kids for who they are & not just her. It's like she expects me to sit around & constantly sing praises about her, to prove that I do love her. It's just grow tiresome, in all actuality.

She honestly thinks that Erin & I sit around & discuss his drug use & that I'm advocating it and telling him how proud I am of him every waking moment. Now, it's moved on to my friends' kids & I'm telling all of them that I'm proud of them, too & not telling her. It's true. I'm not telling her. She isn't exactly doing anything to be proud of right now, to tell the truth. She's not working. She's not trying to find a job, she's not acting like the adult she wants to be treated as, she's not communicating with people with respect, so what's there to be proud of? We get into an argument & she immediately starts attacking me & accusing me of being a terrible, unfair mother & then she says the standard, "I wish no one had found me that night." meaning, she wishes she was dead.

If stress was a fat burner, I'd be skinny by now, I swear. I'm so tired of feeling like crap & being hurt by her. I'm tired of crying.

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